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    May 15, 2013
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the king and queen will be named during prom on june 1st. cnn newsroom with carol costello begins right now. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. what did they know and when did they know it? 40 years later that simple, iconic question from the watergate era once again hangs over the white house. some republicans are accusing the embattled obama administration of abusing its power and your trust. unlike anything we've seen in generations. >> never seen anything quite like this except in the past during the nixon years. >> i can tell you people who make those kind of comparisons need to check their history. >> this morning, though, double trouble. the irs accused of targeting and bullying the president's critics and the fbi investigating government snooping on a news agency and even its reporters'
personal calls. later today lawmakers will grill the president's attorney general eric holder. now keep in mind the republican national committee has called on holder to resign although that wouldn't be the first time. holder has long been a lightning rod for criticism. >> ladies and gentlemen, will you please join me in welcoming the 82nd attorney general of the united states, eric holder? >> eric holder, america's first african-american attorney general, stirred controversy from the moment he took office. at a black history month event holder said the country remained voluntarily socially segregated. >> though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and we, i believe, continue to be in too many ways essentially a nation of cowards. >> america's first black president stood by holder, a man he nominated as the nation's chief law enforcement officer for his toughness and
independence. but some republicans take issue with how holder demonstrates those traits. >> i believe eric holder is one of the worst attorneys general in the history of the country because he selectively enforces the law based on his own ideology. >> two years ago republican congressman peter king called for holder's resignation, upset because holder favored civilian criminal trials rather than military tribunals for the 9/11 terror suspects. king wrote in a new york post quote, the guy just doesn't get it and because he doesn't he should resign forthwith. there was also anger over holder's assertion arizona's tough immigration law would lead to racial profiling and that the justice department would no longer defend the defense of marriage act which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. but the pot really boiled over in 2011 with fast and furious, a failed atf operation that put weapons in the hands of suspected gun smugglers. one of those guns had killed border patrol agent brian terry.
republicans accused holder of a coverup. >> if i'm the president of the united states, and i find out that there is an operation like fast and furious, and my attorney general didn't know about it, i would have him resign immediately. >> through it all, holder remained defiant, charging some of his critics were playing gotcha politics. he told the "new york times", quote, this is a way to get at the president because of the way i can be identified with him. both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we're both african-american. but this time even some democrats are appalled at the latest controversy, mainly that holder's justice department secretly collected phone records of journalists at the associated press. still, holder remains resolute when it comes to his record. >> i'm proud of what we have done. there have been a whole host of things that this administration has done, this justice
department in particular that are consistent with what i think the president campaigned on and what we promised at the beginning of this administration. >> but holder is a busy man these days. he has now launched a criminal investigation into the irs. as you know, irs employees have for the past 18 months targeted conservative groups with the words tea party or patriots in their names. as a result, applications for their tax-exempt status were delayed. a new treasury department report put it this way. quote, the irs inspector general found that irs agents used inappropriate criteria to identify tea party and other groups and the report also cited ineffective management that allowed the criteria to be in place for 18 months, which resulted in substantial delays in applications and unnecessary questions. and today at 1:00 eastern we'll hear more from holder. he is due to testify in front of the house judiciary committee. as for what the president's mouth piece is saying about all of these scandals, press
secretary jay carney sang a familiar tune, at least 11 times. >> all i can tell you is i cannot and he cannot comment specifically. i can't comment on the specifics of that. we simply can't comment on the specific investigation. but i cannot and he cannot appropriately comment on the specifics. this i think refers to this investigation so i cannot comment on that. we can't comment on an ongoing criminal investigation. i'm not going to comment on the specifics of an investigation here. i just can't comment on the specific reports that you cite. i cannot comment on this specific investigation for all the obvious reasons. it would be inappropriate to comment on the specific investigation. you know, i cannot comment on the specific case. >> this from an administration that promised full transparency. brianna kieler is at the white house this morning. even president obama's friends say he has to do something
dramatic to turn the tide, that he needs to fire someone. >> reporter: i think you're already seeing perhaps the way paved on that because last night the white house put out a statement from president obama saying at least when it comes to this controversy involving the irs that he is having his treasury secretary hold accountable the people in the irs who are responsible for this. i think when you see the report, that's going to mean not necessarily just the folks at the irs who executed this but also those who are overseeing this because the report cites ineffective management. but the question is, is that going to be i guess you could say dramatic enough to show that he's really leading on these issues? the white house, and you heard from jay carney's comments there, carol, feels that it's in a bit of a pickle here because when it comes to the irs story, they were loathe to be seen as too much involving themselves in what is supposed to be an
independent investigation of an agency in their administration and then when it comes to the department of justice's seizure of ap records, there is this sort of firewall between the white house and the department of justice as history has made it so but the president also sort of runs the risk of looking somewhat ineffectual and removed from this and republicans are certainly seizing on that, carol. here's mitch mcconnell. >> but we do know this. we can't count on the administration to be forthcoming about the details of this scandal. because so far they've been anything but. >> so, carol, it's really a delicate line that the white house is trying to walk here but certainly, yes. i think they do need to do something to show that they are sort of in control here and they aren't just bystanders as they're watching these controversies unfold.
in other news, 13 of boston's 14 deputy fire chiefs have signed a letter of no confidence in the city's fire chief. "the boston globe" reporting the deputies said chief steve araiba failed to assume command responsibility after arriving on the scene of the marathon bombings. the deputy chiefs also suggest his conduct was part of an ongoing pattern. abraira shields himself from immediate accountability while setting the stage for undermining the confidence and authority of his command staff. while acknowledging his ultimate accountability for department operations, he avoids on-the-scene responsibility. that's from the letter. abraira defended his actions to "the globe" saying when he arrived on the scene he was comfortable with the level of response. we're learning new details about how cleveland kidnapping suspect ariel castro allegedly treated three women through their years in captivity. cnn's pamela brown has the
latest developments from cleveland. good morning, pamela. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. that's right. we're learning some new information from sources this morning. sources say that castro's behavior toward the women evolved over time and that there were varying degrees of treatment with the three women. according to sources i spoke with, amanda berry who fathered ariel castro's child was treated slightly better than the other two women. but again, we have to keep in mind here that these were poor conditions that the women were living in according to sources so it's all relative in that everything was to a varying degree. but nothing too significant as far as their treatment. we have learned, carol, from a source, that michelle knight was ariel castro's main punching bag and that he abused her with anything and everything including hand weights according to the source. so it appears amanda berry was treated slightly better than the rest and that michelle knight was treated the worst. we also learned that all three of the women were under weight
when they were rescued from the home by authorities. that michelle knight is in the worst condition. that she has vision loss and muscle and joint damage and various physical issues as a result of the abuse she endured according to sources we spoke with. >> i also understand we're hearing from ariel castro's attorneys for the first time. what are they saying? >> reporter: yeah. it might be a little bit surprising for people to hear, carol. his attorneys are saying that he is going to plead not guilty if he faces kidnapping and rape charges from a grand jury indictment. that his attorneys say they're going to mount the best defense possible, that at this point castro hasn't told them anything of what he's done as far as, you know, the kidnapping and rape charges go. we have been reporting that castro has confessed to at least some of his actions over the past ten years to authorities during interrogations but, again, his attorneys are saying that he hasn't told them or
confessed to them what he's done. so maybe a little bit surprising for people to hear. let's take a listen to what his attorneys had to say. >> well, i think the initial portrayal by the media has been one of a, quote, monster. that's not the impression that i got when i talked to him for three hours. he is a human being and what's offensive is that the media, and i don't mean it toward you, but the media and the community wants to demonize this man before they really know the whole story. and i think that it's unfair and just not equitable. >> reporter: castro's attorneys we just heard were interviewed by one of our affiliates in cleveland wkyc and also during that interview his attorneys talk about wanting to move the trial outside of cuyohoga county because of the media attention and the recent high profile case
involving a convicted serial killer of 11 women who kept the women in his home. that was a case many people know of anthony sowell. they also talked about how they know how castro made contact with the women and an explanation for that will come out in court. carol? >> all right. pamela brown reporting live from cleveland this morning. just ahead we hear from a teenage girl who was trapped 17 days in a collapsed factory building in bangladesh. >> translator: suddenly i heard the call to prayer. then i heard sounds. i heard the sounds of voices and i wondered where is the sound coming from? >> a cnn exclusive, next. we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of tim and laura. it's amazing how appreciative people are when you tell them they could save a lot of money on their car insurance by switching to geico...they may even make you their best man. may i have the rings please? ah, helzberg diamonds. nice choice, mate. ...and now in the presence of these guests we join this loving couple.
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[ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy. 15 minutes past the hour. time to check our top stories. this afternoon a paramedic who responded to last month's fertilizer plant explosion in west texas is expected to plead not guilty to having bomb making supplies. that's according to a lawyer for bryce reid. details of reid's arrest came as authorities last week announced they've launched a criminal investigation into the blast that killed 14 people. they have not tied reed to the probe however. to fort hood, texas where an
army sergeant who helped run a sexual assault prevention program is now accused of sexual assault. an administration official tells cnn there is a, quote, distinct possibility the accusation may be related to prostitution. the soldier has been suspended, no charges have been filed. to mexico where officials are preparing for possible evacuations. the shadow of a volcano near mexico city. the l.a. times reports more than 10,000 people could be displaced if volcanic activity intensifies. authorities are warning of a possible lava flow and a big shower of ash. the volcano has been active since 1994. now to bangladesh where recovery efforts have ended following last month's collapse of a garment factory building. more than 1100 people were killed, but thousands more were rescued alive including a teenager reshma who survived 17 days before workers plucked her out of the rubble. cnn spoke one-on-one with reshma
in the exclusive interview. >> translator: i keep sleeping off and on. i couldn't see anything. it was so dark. there was a hole. i didn't know if it was dirty water or what type of water. i was thirsty so i drank. suddenly i heard the call to prayer. then i heard sounds. i heard the sounds of voices and i wondered where is the sound coming from? where is the sound coming from? i was really, really happy and i said, god, save me, god. >> reshma said her clothes had been torn off in the rubble. rescuers threw in a flashlight and that allowed her to find and change into a fresh set of clothing. but she seems to be doing okay. just an amazing story. and now the pressure is on the world's retailers to help improve safety at other bangladesh garment factories. more than a dozen major european clothing companies have agreed to this new safety plan including h & m but many retailers like walmart and the
gap refuse to join in. some say they want to make their own plans. christine romans is live in new york. you would think if there is something retailers could gather around it would be this but they're not. why? >> the bottom line is the big american retail verse lost control of the supply chain. the clothes hanging in your closet are made under conditions, reshma making the clothes in your closet for example under conditions that were unsafe. but now the american retailers appear to want more control over whatever process is going to happen next for having safety in those factories. carol, only one american retail brand, big maker of retail brands is signing on. it's pbh. they make tommy, calvin klein, izod. they joined with the european companies that are joining the safety pact. they want independent safety inspections, reports to be made public, to cut ties immediately with factories that don't comply. now, walmart, who after h & m is the biggest user of bangladesh factories says that it's going to have its own plan and it will be better than the european one.
it wants its own inspections and is going to report the outcome of those inspections to the public by june 1st. many critics say you can't have the retailer pay for its own inspections because it is a conflict of interest and many have said, look. walmart, there was a fire in a factory that made walmart clothes last year that killed 112 workers. walmart didn't even authorize that factory to be making its clothes. it doesn't really have control of which factories are making its products. george miller a democrat from california is pretty outraged by all of this and singles out gap as well. gap is not signing on to this international pledge because it's worried about legal ramifications if it signs on to an international pledge. listen to what george miller says. >> these big brands that are resisting, the gap and others, they have to decide, do they want to continue to have blood on their label? should the low price of their garments be subsidized by the blood of the poor workers in bangladesh and elsewhere around
the world? >> sears as well is not signing on. really only one major american retailer signing on to this international pledge. the deadline for that is today of course. and that's a five-year plan. even those who say, come on. five years. these are big, huge, global brands. they shouldn't be doing business in these kinds of conditions. they should have made it better before now before all these people died. but at least shining a light on it we'll see if the american retailers will have their own pact which is what they're talking about negotiating now, carol. >> i'm sure you'll continue to follow the story. christine romans reporting from new york. still ahead on "the newsroom" we expect to hear from o.j. simpson in court. he is expected to take the stand in just about three hours.
all day we're keeping our eye on two big blockbuster courtroom battles. this afternoon jodi arias back in court as jurors decide whether she will face the death penalty. the big question for the jury did she act with cruelty in killing her ex-boyfriend travis alexander.
we are also following this when court resumes at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. in a matter of hours o.j. simpson will take the stand in his latest attempt to get a new trial. >> i wasn't there to hurt anybody. i just wanted my personal things and i realize now i was stupid. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to steal anything from anybody. and i didn't know i was doing anything illegal. >> simpson is serving up to 33 years in prison for the 2007 sports memorabilia heist in las vegas. he was convicted of robbery, kidnapping, and assault, but now he blames another man, his former attorney, for giving him bad legal advice. we'll go live outside the courthouse in las vegas. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, carol. o.j. is going to try to push the attorney under the bus so to speak when he takes the stand. they'll go through 19 claims
that he provided ineffective counsel, in other words completely loused up o.j.'s first trial is the allegation. among things at play here o.j. never did testify in the first trial. there is some talk that a plea bargain was offered that o.j. did or did not hear about all of that going to come out. on the flip side here the prosecution basically staying silent not talking too much about this. they believe that the record speaks for itself and that o.j. was, you know, rightfully convicted in the 2008 trial, carol. >> all right. we know court kicks off at noon eastern. cnn will have special coverage here on cnn newsroom as o.j. simpson takes the witness stand. many thanks to you. coming up next the new push to end drunk driving. a strict proposal coming from the national transportation safety board. i'll talk with the head of the ntsb and one of the board's critics after a break. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently
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good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now in "the newsroom" at about 30 minutes past the hour ahead of the morning's opening bell stock futures have been down on news the eurozone economy is in decline and france is back in recession. let's head to the new york stock exchange and alison kosik. we all know we live in a global economy so this isn't good news for us in the united states
either, is it? >> you know what? the best way to tell you that link between europe and the u.s. is to give you a great example and a good example is the auto industry, of how the european recession is impacting us. by most measures you look at the big three u.s. automakers like gm, ford, and chrysler and they're doing great. sales are at their highest in five years. companies are profitable. but europe, europe is a very different story. you look at ford, it made $1.6 billion in profit over all last quarter but it lost $462 million in europe and it expects a full-year loss there of $2 billion. many other u.s. companies have also mentioned challenges that they're having in europe as they mention this in their latest earnings report. clearly, it's definitely having an impact on u.s. companies and, thus, the u.s. economy as a whole. this is nothing new. it's something we've been living with for a while now. by comparison, our economy here in the u.s. is doing much better. also by comparison, look at stocks. the u.s. stock market is doing great. the dow is coming off another
record high. tuesday was the 19th time this year the dow has closed at a record high. it is up more than 16% year to date. the s&p 500 is not far behind up 15.7% for the year. you look at the u.s. economy, u.s. stocks, and then you compare it to europe and you say, we're sitting pretty compared to europe. opening bell just rang. stocks are starting a little bit to the down side, carol. >> all right. i'm sure you'll keep an eye on them. alison kosik reporting live from the new york stock exchange. approximately 10,000 people are killed every year in alcohol-related crashes. now the national transportation safety board wants to cut that number by cutting the legal blood alcohol limit. the ntsb proposal would lower the threshold from 0.08 to 0.05 nationwide. we looked at current standards and based on a national highway traffic safety administration chart we found a 120-pound woman
can come close to that new level with just two drinks in two hours. she would register a 0.04. while a 200-pound man would reach the same level with three drinks in one hour. the ntsb estimates lowering the blood alcohol limit would save between 500 to 800 lives every year. and the chairman of the ntsb is here with us now. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning. i'm just looking at the examples your agency has given. a 120-pound woman, two drinks in two hours, and i'm just going to be realistic here. i would say that there are probably many people out there that say, i can handle two drinks in two hours. i'm perfectly fine to drive. >> sure. obviously all of that is very dependent on size and weight and tolerance. but we know that impairment begins with the first drink. and at 0.05, your cognitive and
visual functions diminish. your judgment is affected. your response time is affected. you're 38% more likely to be involved in a crash at 0.05. that risk -- crash risk doubles at 0.07. >> it sounds like, you know, we're headed on the road and forgive the pun but headed down the road where even one drink is too many drinks to get behind the wheel. are we headed that way? >> well, you know, for decades we have had a lot of education, a lot of effort to try to encourage people to drink responsibly or not drink and drive. and people think in many ways we've solved the drunk driving epidemic. but we haven't. as you mentioned, at the top of the story, 10,000 people are killed every year. there are going to be a lot of excuses and a lot of reasons why we shouldn't change what we're doing right now. but, in fact, there are 10,000 reasons why we should.
>> of those people that are killed or killed, you know, driving drunk, like is there an average blood alcohol content? >> well, many of people who are involved in impaired driving crashes do have a higher blood alcohol content than 0.05. but the issue really is how do we have a general deterrent effect and what we know is when we went in this country from 0.10 or higher to 0.08 that actually reduced the number of drinks or reduced the impairment level for all drivers, low bac and high bac. it really is important to understand that the u.s., we lead in so many of the transportation safety issues and almost transportation but in this one we trail. 100 countries have blood alcohol contents of 0.05 or lower. it's because the science supports the data that people are impaired at 0.05. >> and another question. just because there is a federal standard of course it doesn't
mean that every state in the union has to adopt that federal standard. i mean, what, it took 24 years from the 1980s to now to get states to adopt what the legal limit is right now. how do you convince states to change? >> that's right. in fact, this isn't a standard. it's really just a recommendation to the states to address this issue. it's just one of 19 recommendations that we issued yesterday. we believe we have to incorporate all of these actions if we're going to get to zero fatalities. it is things like sobriety check points, ignition interlocks for drivers convicted of duis. we have to take a number of steps if we're going to get to zero. it's up to the states to decide which of these measures that they want to implement. >> deborah hersman chairman of the national transportation safety board thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> critics of the ntsb's new blood alcohol recommendation say the plan targets the wrong people. sarah longwell is the managing
director of the american beverage institute. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for being here. you called the ntsb's proposal ludicrous. why? >> it is ludicrous. it is so ludicrous in fact even mothers against drunk driving isn't supporting it. the fact is this recommendation targets moderate social drinkers and it fails to target the hard core high bac repeat offenders who cause the vast majority of alcohol related fatalities. if we want to solve the drunk driving problem in this country we have to target the people that are out there killing people and that is not somebody who is at 0.05. fewer than 1% of traffic fatalities happen down there at that 0.05 or 0.08 level. we have to focus on the high bac offenders if we want to make a dent in the problem. >> you heard what deborah said. a similar proposal in europe cut alcohol-related deaths in 2010. in half. how could you argue with the numbers? >> i'm afraid that the ntsb is really cherry picking their data. you know, they are doing all
kinds of things over in europe. for example that we would never do in this country. they do random breath tests where you can simply be pulled over and breathalyzered. it is apples and oranges. we have different drinking and driving cultures, different transportation cultures. they are not a good comparison. >> so the ntsb can only make recommendations. they cannot make laws. but the board is still very influential. it can withhold federal funds right? how does your group plan to fight this proposal? >> first we're going to fight it at the federal level. we don't want to see incentive funding so the states would do this and if it gets to the states we'll fight it at the state level. frankly, i think that the public is not going to be onboard with this. you're talking about a woman who could have one drink with her dinner and then be arrested for drunk driving. this is really going too far. like i said, even mothers against drunk driving thinks they are targeting social drinkers at this point. i think they have a real long haul to push this forward. >> sarah longwell with the
american beverage institute, many thanks to you. >> thank you. it is the latest scandal for the obama administration. conservative groups fighting with the irs over how it treated their tax-exempt applications. and now a criminal investigation is under way. twenty-five thousand mornings, give or take, is all we humans get. we spend them on treadmills. we spend them in traffic. and if we get lucky, really lucky, it dawns on us to go spend them in a world where a simple sunrise can still be magic. twenty-five thousand mornings. make sure some of them are pure michigan. your trip begins at
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a government report says several irs agents used inappropriate criteria to identify tea party and other groups. the report also cited ineffective irs management that allowed the criteria to be in place for 18 months, causing substantial delays of tax-exempt applications and unnecessary questions. this damning report is now only part of the irs's problems. cnn's chief congressional correspondent dana bash joins us now with more of what this
report says. >> reporter: hi, it details how irs agents crossed the line with excessive scrutiny delaying tea party groups' applications for tax-exempt status in some cases for more than three years and asking for information they simply shouldn't have like for the group's donors and members. the inspector general does not recommend punishment for the people involved. the president now says that is up to the treasury secretary and later today we'll hear from the attorney general who says these agents may have problems far beyond losing their jobs. never mind that the irs targeting tea party groups was inappropriate. the attorney general wants to know if it was criminal. >> i have ordered an investigation to be begun. the fbi is coordinating with the justice department to see if any laws were broken in connection with those matters related to the irs. i think as everyone can agree those were if not criminal certainly outrageous and >> reporter: criminal or not the
irs practice ofglin out tea party affiliated groups appears to have gone well beyond agents in the cincinnati, ohio office that handles tax-exempt applications, which the irs first suggested. jordan sikelow's law center represented 27 tea party groups that had trouble getting tax emmett status from the irs. he shared several lengthy questionnaires his clients got from irs offices in california and even washington, d.c. which he calls excessive. could it be that your clients shouldn't have tax-exempt status, that they are primarily doing political work not social welfare? the irs has not come to any of our clients with questions that would be in the part of the normal process. these were all delays relating to the questionnaires that are at issue here. >> reporter: he says delays are still happening. just yesterday a tea party client in tennessee trying to get tax-exempt status for two and a half years got this letter asking for even more information. and the questions the irs is asking trouble lawmakers.
lists of members and donors. congressional republicans call that unprecedented. in this irs questionnaire, a tea party group is asked to provide names of donees, recipients, and grantes. that makes even mild-mannered members of congress furious. >> how chilling is it for an organization to get a letter from the irs asking for its membership list? and that has nothing to do with the decision on whether or not tax-exempt status should be granted. >> reporter: what does that tell you? >> well, it raises questions about whether there is a political motivation here. >> reporter: congressional investigators have now learned the scope of this is larger than the irs indicated last week. 471 organizations singled out for special scrutiny. compounding the irs's problems, lawmakers feel misled by its leadership. >> this was either one of the greatest cases of incompetence
that i've ever seen or it was the irs willfully not telling congress the truth. >> i don't have a comment. >> reporter: acting irs commissioner steven miller was informed of the targeting last year but never told congress. >> how about answering our questions? >> reporter: on capitol hill, he refused to answer reporters' questions about why. now, miller is going to have to answer that question on friday when he testifies before the house ways and means committee. the inspector general report did answer one key question, which is whether or not this was politically motivated especially by the white house. what this determines is that the people who decided to target tea party and other groups were not influenced by anyone outside the white house. what it calls first line or low level management officials approved the references but, carol, it could not specifically determine who had been involved in creating those criteria in the first place. >> does that mean it determined that these actions were not
politically motivated? >> reporter: what it determined is that from the people they interviewed that this was done as a time saving measure not as a way to politically target these groups. but in the same report, very clearly, it says that it was not appropriate because they didn't take into account the fact that the public would perceive it and specifically these tea party groups and others would perceive it as exactly that, politically motivated. >> yeah. dana bash reporting live from washington. as you might imagine, several conservative groups, many conservative groups are very upset over this irs scandal, which seems to be still going on. we have the chairwoman of the tea party express. welcome, amy. >> hey, carol. how are you? >> good. thank you for being here. eric holder, the attorney general, has opened up a criminal investigation. the fbi is conducting that investigation. happy with that? >> well, i mean, i certainly think there should be an investigation. i have to question, though, are they, you know, doing this criminal investigation so they
can then stand up and say there was no criminal activity? at the end of the day, carol, i don't trust this report. you're having the inspector general who serves the secretary of the treasury, who serves the president of the united states, do you really think that the inspector general is going to call out the boss? i don't think so. i think congress needs to ask for an independent or demand an independent investigation into this. and this is not just about republican versus democrat. this is something that every single american should be concerned about because the irs i believe was used as a political weapon or tool to suppress the opposition and next time it could be a republican president using the irs to suppress, or organizing for action. that is the real issue here. this was an effort that violated our fundamental rights as americans, our first amendment rights, freedom of speech. and we have seen it time and time again with this administration and it's time the american people stand up and say, we can't stand for this. >> so i'm thinking you're not buying the inspector general's
finding that this was done as a time saving measure. >> right. >> and irs workers simply misunderstood how the american people would take this. >> well, carol, i mean, it's kind of like the military. i mean, are you just going to have people that are in the infantry go out and do their own thing without taking orders from their leaders? no. you cannot tell me. and they said that it was just in cincinnati. well, now we find out there were higher officials in washington that knew about it. some of these letters are coming from california. every day we get a different answer to some of these questions and that's why i think congress needs to appoint an independent investigator to get to the bottom of this or a committee of investigators. i'm not even sure it should be just one. >> the president has said he wants to get to the bottom of this. even some of the president's friends, though, say he should come out and have at least stronger words as it applies to what happened at the irs like, you know, if we find any wrongdoing somebody is going to be fired. but the president hasn't said that. >> no, he hasn't said it. i mean, for an administration
that looks out, that supposedly looks out for the little people, all they do is throw the little people under the bus. and, i mean, we're getting tired of it. it is going on here with the irs. it's going on with benghaziment i mean, when are they going to accept responsibility? when is somebody going to act like the adult and say, you know what? the buck stops with me. that's what it comes down to. this administration, they don't give us answers. you guys have been covering benghazi. talking points change. just give us the truth. that's all we want. watergate, it was the coverup that was a problem. and look at what's going on. we cannot get a straight answer from anybody. >> all right. thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it. chairwoman of the tea party express. >> glad to be on. >> any time, amy. as we told aut the top of the show eric holder will appear before lawmakers this afternoon 1:00 p.m. eastern and i'm sure they'll have many pointed questions for the attorney general. those airport bag fees can really pile up. we'll tell you how much the
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>> my children are home alone. my older son was in the bathroom and my daughter started >> the family the attorney says arrested saturday is doing okay. >> he is actually doing very well right now. as well as can be expected in these really difficult times. >> the attorney also said he has yet to see evidence of his client. the airport baggage fees can add up, not for you, the u.s.
carriers last year bagged a record-breaking $3.5 billion in charges for checked backs. they raked in another $2.6 billion in fees for ticket changes. six months after sandy plunged a rollercoaster into the atlantic ocean, crews on the jersey shore are dismantling it, the metal from the track is being piled on to a barge to be halled away. one of the seaside iconic tracks will be hailed away for memorial days. the red sox slugger is giving his fans a cool as in blue way to join them. i love this. if you're seeing spots before your eyes, it's time
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>> shortly after the boston bombing, red sox slugger david ortiz had a message to the terrorist, this is our blanken city, he says, he didn't use blanken. he is raising money for the bombing victims. >> hi, carole, interesting concept, definitely, ortiz is going to take that mem obl quote. he is putting them on baseball bats and selling them for charity, just after the boston bombing, ortiz stood in front of the crowd and said what was on his mind. in addition to the quote the bats will have a silhouette pointing to the sky and the words "never forget" and "boston strong." unsigned bats are going for $125. autographed bats are going for $500.
can you purchase them at 100% of the proceeds go to the victims. this next tape shows not everyone performs good under pressure. a fan reaches over the railing and snags a foul ball bare handed. wow, right? impressive. check this out t. very next pitch another foul ball is hit to nearly the exact same spot, but this time the fan, oh, drops it. not an easy catch by any means, considering the guy that did catch it was a few seats away and to add injury to insult, carole, the philly fans booed the guy. >> oh, philly fans boo everyone. >> even santa cause. hats off to dodger's witcher hyun jen hyu. he was a major typically before the games, he will warm up with
his tale mates. recently he hooked up with a lucky dodger fan by the name of deuce. do we have deuce's video? >> i hope so. >> look at this guy. he's in the left field stand. hyu has an impromptu warm-up session with the fan. >> man that, kid has an arm, doesn't he? >> a great arm by that young man. hopefully, they can make that a daily routine or a pre-game routine of his. >> that is the cutest thing i have seen all day. joe carter, thanks so much. next cnn "newsroom" after a break. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history.
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good morning, thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello, reit now, we will go to capitol hill where any minute now john boehner will speak in front of the cameras at the house leadership conference. our chief correspondent dana baschuck joins me from washington. he will probably talk benghazi, the irs, spying on the a.p., perhaps a host of other things as well, dana. >> reporter: that's right. if you take a look at the big sign behind the podium "solutions for american jobs," i am told by a source that is what he is going to talk about. republicans are certainly licking their chops with regard to all of these issues on the president's plate, but they still at least internally are a little fearful of losing sight of the thing that people out
there are so most concerned about. that is that they're still, many of them, looking for jobs. but you can be sure, i am told, he is going to talk again about benghazi. he does pretty much every single time he is in front of the cameras. last week, he called on the president to ask them to publicly release e-mails dealing with those now infamous talking points. that has not happened yet. at least not in a formally way and, of course, the irs. it would be political malpractice for him not to talk about the irs because it is a pretty easy political gift for republicans. so we do expect him to talk about it. >> i think, too, already, one republican law maker has come out with impeachment as it applys to the benghazi situation. >> reporter: that's right. one of the republican, i have not heard that in a more
widespread way. this is the kind of thing that republicans will kind of slam the president for because it really speaks to what their base has been crying about for years, which is they feel the obama administration has taken government, big government gone awry with regard to obamacare, now with regard to benghazi, with regard to the irs. so it really does all kind of allow them to wrap it up with a nice bow the whole message that republicans have been getting out there, which is that the president has taken government and used it to his benefit and in a way that's not soifies sometimes. >> okay. we'll get back to you in just a minute when john beaner begins speaking. we also want to talk about eric holder. just in a few hours from now, they will grill eric holder. as a backdrop, the inc chair is
demanding that holder be fired or step down. jim johnson is in washington. this hearing is expected to get under way 1:00 p.m. eastern time. i believe americans will have lots of questions for mr. holder. >> republicans on the committee are expected to ask tough pointed questions. democrats seem less ener guidgu. -- energized. being targeted by the groups by the irs under federal investigation, one question is what a government source could be charged with. one source told us, if they disclosed facts related to the irs targeting, they could have exposure over oen any false statement, it would be up to the fbi to discover those facts. a government source says one possibility is some type of criminal conspiracy civil rights violation, though that statute
is rarely used. looking over the attorney general's opening statement, we don't have a clue to whether he's going to talk a lot about this stuff, you be it's plausible at least based on some of his previous conversations about that, he could explore the issue of civil rights violations. on the issue of secret justice department subpoenas, the associated press in a leak investigation, holder is expected to stick to his story of disclosure of sense information in that case a year ago was so unusual the tactics were used. here is a snippet he said in a news conference yesterday. >> i have to say if it is not serious, it is the top two or three most serious leaks i have ever seen. it put the american people at risk. that is not hyperbole. >> so holder has gotten a lot of tough questions on capitol hill over the past months and years.
we expect this to be a tough hearing for him. >> that hearing at 1:00 p.m. eastern. he is due to testify on the specifics before the house judiciary committee. holder is a busy man these days. he has launched a criminal investigation into the irs. you know, irs employees have for the past 18 months targeted conservative groups with the words "tea party" or "patriot" in their names. a new treasury department report puts it this way t.irs inspector general found the irs acts used inappropriate cri ter why to identify tea party and other groups and cited ineffective management that allowed the criteria to be in place for 18 months, which resulted in substantial delays of ap ply indications and unnecessary questions. now, these targeted tea party groups were applying for 501c4
status. they wanted to be a tacoma newsome -- tax exempt corporations. however, some lobbying organizations can qualify for this tax exemption. jonathan turley is a professor of law. welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you to sort this all out for us. explain this 501 c 4. why would a political organization qualify for this? >> well, it's unusual to have this category. what is at issue is whether there was a target to go after conservative groups. that's what raises violations of regulations. there can be ample reason to question the legitimacy of
having 501 doctor 4 status. -- owe 501 c 4 status. we rarely see this type of expolice statement coming from supervisors to target dhooips types of groups. now, whether that ams to a crime or a simple wrong doing is the question we're going to have to look at. i can tell you, care, it's very rare for these types of issues to become criminal matters unless someone lied, lying to federal officers in an investigation. >> before you move on with that thought, the house republican speaker john boehner is now speaking. he is talking about benghazi, let's listen. >> i don't want to prolong this.
what i want is the truth. in addition to that, the irs has admitted to targeting conservatives even if the white house continues to be stuck on the word "if." now, my question isn't about who's going to resign. my question is, who's going to jail over this scandal? >> good morning. obviously, there have been a lot of questions rayised over the lost several days the news has i think awakened the public. beginning to raise questions in their minds to the direction of this government as really to whom is this government accountable and we're going to proceed, obviously, in our work here in the house bearing in mind we've got to restore the trust in government and we've got to restore the faith in our economy. and there are questions that are being answered and we are
accountable to the families of the victims in benghazi. we certainly are accountable to the taxpayers and the people of this country to the actions of the irs and we certainly have plenty of questions accountable to the press in terms of its first amendment rights and its ability to enjoy those and realize those. you know, we've got plenty of action, though, on the floor today, i mean, this week, obamacare repeal is there again because we do not believe that an individual mandate is the direction washington-based healthcare is the direction we ought to go. and we also are going to be working on an sec accountably act. this is coming out of the financial services committee. it is a bill that is president's former jobs council said is necessary in terms of yessiating the conditions to create jobs.
so i'm hopeful that we can get a bipartisan vote coming together of the one thing people are continuing to wonder. that is, is washington concerned about the future of this economy? >> the american public is wondering instead of washington spending their team researching based upon your political beliefs or your economics or your job, maybe they should be focusing on how job creation. one thing that the president can do when he wants to look for something bipartisan in creation is the keystone pipeline. 20,000 jobs can be created with that single approval. now, tomorrow is an anniversary. 1,700 days since it's applied. 1700 days. 15,000 pages have been -- >> all right. we are going to jump out of this. that's the majority whip.
you heard erin cantor. huh heard if house speaker john boehner say that he's wondering who is going to go to jamie over this irs scandal. so let's go back to jonathan turley. we were just talking about that as we went to john boehner. he is wondering who is going to go to jail over this irs scandal. there is a criminal investigation now ongoing. so tell us again what the fbi would have to find to send someone to juveniail for this. >> no one. the irs alleged political targeting at various points in its history under republicans and democrats. people have fought gone to juvenile as a general matter. while they have been disciplined, civil servants can be fired. it's difficult. but they can be fired for misconduct. but in order to graduate up to a crime, you are really looking at
18 usc 1001. this is the statute the favorite of federal prosecutors, particularly in washington. it's the actual provision that most of the big scandals end up being fought on. that is simply lying to investigators. as you know, it is often the problem not what you did but how you responded to it in washington and what happens is that people will lie when they're first confronted by federal investigators. each of those lies can be charged as a crime. so that would be the most likely course. but it's not clear this is the type of case that would generate those types of charges. >> something i found striking, the inspector criminal released this report. he has been looking into it. he said this happened within the irs because of time saving measures and that irs employees didn't realize how would look to the outside world, that it would look like they were targeting these conservative groups. does that make any sense to you?
>> well, it doesn't make sense in that nor the for the irs the third rail issue is partisanship. that is, really, when you look at the training irs agents, that's really the touch-stone of what defines or should define their agency. they're supposed to be strictly apolitical. so it's hardly to imagine a supervisors who is so tone deaf as to not see hourer w serious investigation would be. they told them they would not be going to prosecute for water torture. it is doubtful they will follow that for irs in this regard. >> interesting. thanks so much, jonathan turley law professor george washington
university. we'll be right back. >> thanks, carole.
>> that was cnn exclusive out of bangladesh. recovery efforts ended after a collapse last month of a garment
factory building. more than 1,100 people were killed, thousands were rescued including a teenager who survived 17 days before they plucked her from the rubble. we spoke one on one with r resh is ma in this interview. >> reporter: pulled out of the rubble after 17 days reshma's rescue was hailed a miracle. we meet her at a military hospital where she is recovering. >> hello, reshma. >> reporter: no broken bones or serious injuries, she is still weak. we are asked not to move her. from her hospital bed, she describes her unimaginable ordeal. >> i keep sleeping off and on. i couldn't see anything. it was so dark. >> reporter: cracks in the building had been detected. i asked her if she had been warned not to go to work? >> no, no one told everyone
was looking to see which parts were cracked. so i went in i see there is a wall where a little bit is cracked. the manager says this is just water damage and you guys can work. >> reporter: day after day as the rescue efforts carried on above her. she laid in pitch dark satisfy enging for food -- scavenging for food and water. >> there was a hole, i didn't know if it was dirty water or what type of water. i was thirsty, so i drank. >> reporter: she had no idea how long she had been inside. i asked her if she saw her heard anybody outside. she said she heard nothing or saw nothing until the 17th day. >> suddenly i heard the call to prayer. then i heard sounds the sounds of voice, i wonderedsh, why is the sound coming from? i was really, really happy. i said, god, save me god. >> reporter: marriages of her rescue were seen the world over.
rescuers had thrown in a flashlight allowing her to find a fresh set of clothes to change into. >> the day i got out, all my clothes were torn off me. i was thinking, how am i going to come out in front of all those people. >> reporter: she tells me she is unsure about her future. she knows she is not going back to the garment industry. >> everybody please pray for me. >> reporter: with the world's eyes on her, many are. >> still ahead in the newsroom, russia detains a u.s. diplomat claiming he tried to recruit a spy. how this incident could be related to the fallout over the boston bombings. alright, bring the model in on the set!
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(train horn) the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. people who know the spy game are raising serious questions after what happened in moscow. a u.s. diplomat tried to turn one of their intelligence officers. here's the evidence, wig, a moscow atlas, phone and a knive, not knives concealing little pins. bob baird believes the russian security surface planted these items to embarrass the united states, why, you ask, would the ruxs want to do na? >> well, i think they're mad about the boston investigation. it's come out the implication is if they'd helped us more, we
could have stopped this thing t. russians are saying, hey, wait a machine. we told you about this guy in boston. it's your fault. so that hasn't gone all that well. there is also the question of syria, secretary of state kerry was in moscow last week. the russians are very angry about writeria. they were attempting to overthrow bashir al-assad. they're coming back at us. >> cnn's brian todd has more on the man in the middle of this spy case. >> reporter: picked up on the streets of moscow, videotaped wearing an almost comical wig a. man rushes counterintelligence agency says is cia russian spy ryan foggy el. the -- ofogel. they say they detained him briefly and handed him over to moscow, where he held the position of third sect. that embassy the ambassador not commenting t.cia is not commenting t. state department
confirmed someone at its embassy was briefly held, otherwise. >> we have no comment at this time. >> reporter: russia's foreign ministry said such provocative action in the cold war does not contribute to building trust. they say some items he was carrying, wicks, a five, dark glasses, envelopes full of cash, what appears to be a moscow map book. when we showed counterintelligence expert eric o'neal those in the video, he said the man could be a cia officer. he said this isn't spykrast, it's stagekrast. >> i doubt a highly trained cia operator is going to be walking the votes in moscow wearing a bad wick. it's portrayed and looks like a setup to pe. >> reporter: he believes they planted that on fogel, maybe to achieve a political objective or zrookt attention from some other matter. o'neil is a former fbi
counterintelligent officer who took down robert hansen who was sprieing for the russians. he said planting stuff on a spy is a trademark of vladmir putin. o'neil says the u.s. intelligence agencies have much better disguise training than in moscow. he says they teach to you wear sunglass, maybe a ball cap on backwards. when i told an initial in washington of o'neil's believe the moscow pickup was a setup, i got a stiff "no comment. "o'neil says if the russians believed fogel was a double agent, rounding him up is a mistake. >> they want to pick up the person he's recruitling. he is irrelevant. actually, it's better for them to keep many in place. they know he is potentially a spy and they can watch him in order to get the russians. >> reporter: o'neil says all they've done is ruin his career. the russians have deemed him
persona none grata, pining he will have to return to the u.s., o'neil says if he returns to the cia, it is unlikely he can work under cover even in another country. the security agencies will now all know his face. brian todd, cnn, walk. troubling times for the white house, it seems the obama administration has been trying to stamp out a lot of criticism involving scandals. some say it's not doging a grea job. we'll be right back. i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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benghazi attack, phone records being searched and now the scandal involving the irs. brianna keeler is live at the white house this morning. i would suppose the white house is talking about damage control and more damage control? >> reporter: that's right. this is a white house under fire, very much focused on these controversies right now, not certainly the president's agenda. last night after reportedly reading the irs scandal put out by the inspector general overseeing the irs. he said if a statement the irs must apply the lieu aw in a faid impartial way. he is holding accountable those responsible. the internal revenue service is facing a criminal investigation after a watchdog group was found targeting conservative groups. the action's enspector general found the irs used inappropriate
criteria that identified for review tea party and other organizations applying for tax-exempt status, based upon their names than intervention. after reading the report tuesday night, president obama called the practice intolerable and inexcusable after promising action monday. >> the american people have to be held accountable. it's got to be fixed. >> reporter: irs officials said they acted on their own. the report says pangers were ineffective -- managers were ineffective in governing the tax-exempt organizations. it's not the only controversy the obama administration is facing. expect fireworks today when republican-led committee grills eric holder of journalists at the associated press. >> this administration has put a real value on the rule of law
and our values as americans. i think the actions that we have taken are consistent with both. >> reporter: tuesday, reporters questioned holder in a medicare fraud event and pressured white house press secretary jay carney with a briefing. >> reporter: the president is a firm believerer of the press to be unfettered. >> reporter: republicans are seizing on these new controversies. >> reporter: but we do know this, we can't count on the administration to be forthcoming about the details of this scandal because, so far, they have been anything but. >> it lies at the president's feet. these are things going on within his administration targeting opponents. >> i've never seen anything quite like this except in the past during the nixon years. >> i can tell you people that make those comparisons need to check their history. >> reporter: and, of course, carole, these two controversies over the irs and doj seizure of
phone records come as the white house is under scrutiny over questions whether it downprayed the role of terrorism in the benghazi attack in september. so they've got a lot on their plate. it seems as far as the white house is concerned, at least politically, they're most concerned about these controversies involving the irs as well as the seizure of those documents. there is a concern, i think, that president obama, while he tries to straddle not being too involved in what are supposed to be investigations separate from the white house, if he doesn't show leadership on this, he could stand to look extremely ineffectual. >> brianna keeler reporting live from the white house. moments ago, john boehner had this to say about the controversy swirling around the obama administration, he wants someone to go to jail. >> by coming forward with
e-mails they have shown us in some case but have not been turned over to us. and i don't want to prolong this any more than anyone else. what i want is the truth. in addition to that of the irs' admitted to targeting conservatives, even if the white house continues to be stuck on the word "if," now, my question isn't about who's going to resign. my question is, who's going to jail over the scandal? >> the national press secretary for the republican national committee joins me live now. thanks for joining me, kirsten. >> of course. thanks for having me. >> we are glad you are here. eric holder has the fbi doing a criminal investigation. is that enough? >> well, i this that speaker boehner obviously hit the nail on the head. there needs to be some
accountability here. i think that over the past couple of days we haven't seen the president spring into action and really call on actual accountably. and i think we really need to see that, whether it be holder, you know, resigning or it be somebody, you know, facing criminal action. i think the fact is we need leadership from this president. we need him to actually set forth a plan of action of how he is going to resolve owl of all of these things. >> it seemed to me like starting at the end of that plan and calling for eric holder's resignation. doesn't there have to be some sort of investigation first? >> well, i think it's pretty clear over the last several years eric holder has come under intense scrutiny. so i think at this point there are more and more questions around this administration and eric holder. it is time for somebody to actually face consequences for their actions.
>> would that be the only action that would satisfy republicans is if eric holder resigns over all of this? >> wow, no. i think that obviously at the end of the day the president is accountable for everything that is going on in his administration. so i think first and foremost, we need answers. whether it be the benghazi questions that are still swirling. the irs, whether it be the a.p. e-mail issues. the fact of the matter is every time we see the president address these issues, he's angry. he's blaming his opponents or the media. at some point we need to have him face the facts, take responsibility, set forth a course of action of how he is going to resolve these issues in his administration. >> why do you think the president hasn't come forward if we find anyone in the irs is doing something wrong, they will be fired, what do you think he hasn't said that? >> i think that's a really good question. especially for a president who ran on transparency and for the
need for the fwoft to be open and hon -- the government to be open and honest. i think that's why we are working every day to make sure the president is accountable. i think it's important for people to keep asking teahese questions and demand the transparency from thissed administration. >> when it's all said and done, if eric holder is still in office, will americans be satisfied with that? >> i think we need to be clear, eric holder needs to resign. like i said before, above and beyond that, we need to see action from the president. so i think that it's time, i think f that the president needs to come out. he needs to actually have a plan instead of using words and being angry at his opponents. >> you know, a republican law maker from you that you suggested that president obama, you know, he used the word impeach as it applied to the benghazi situation. is that a word you would use at
this point? >> well, i think at this point, like i have been saying, we really just need answers. >> doesn't the president need to be impeached over all of this is what i'm asking you? >> well, i think we need answers before we can go there. >> thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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coolest thing ever for a baseball-loving kid. for baseball loving anyone. the los angeles dodger pitcher hyun jin hyu played catch with a little boy before the game during batting practice. isn't that sweet? the boy goes by the name of deuce. he has a pretty good arm, doesn't he? if you are wondering, deuce got to keep the ball with his brand-new hero. that's so awesome. the nba owners could decide the name for the kings and wants
to relocate them to seattle. the city of sacramento isn't give up without a fight. here's more from cnn's casecy ryan. >> reporter: kevin has been a fan since the team moved to sacramento when he was 5. >> it's the loudest arena in the nba. >> reporter: they helped him propose to his wife. so he's furious over the team's attempt to move to seattle. >> if this team moved to seattle, it would be the sonics. our history, our records would be gone, oscar robertson, they wouldn't have an arena for their jersey to hang if. i wouldn't have a team to root for. >> reporter: steve piatt lost a lost his team five years ago. we met him at the site of a few sonic's arena. why do you think this city should have a second cans at an nba franchise? >> we never should have lost the first one. we lost the first one not
because of the fans with elack lacked the political will at the time. >> reporter: the fans are rallying to bring it back t. mayor is on board. >> we have a great city, one of the largest marketings in the country. we have political support and most of all the fan support. >> reporter: back in sacramento, the mayor's former nba star kevin johnson, a point guard now point man for the city's effort to keep the kings under local ownership. >> we always said it's bigger than basketball. not only would we keep the jobs the kings have here. it also ties into a billion dollar economic development with a new arena downtown. those are very tangible and very specific. >> reporter: one advantage for sacramento, the kings are the only game if town. there is no competition for fans from overlapping major league baseball or nfl seasons, but that small size can be a disadvantage. sacramento is only the number 20 u.s. intelligent market. it's arena is sponsored by a
e' ownership group includes the eeo of microsoft and the manager of a multi-billion dollar edge fun. they're so well fnsd, when the committee recommended last month to deny the move to seattle, they simply raised their offer by $five million. former supersoing sean kemp owns a restaurant near seattle. >> i think we deserve a shot because we care about the little things. it was a community relations. so it was about doing and being a part of something. >> let me say this to seattle. great city, great fans, great ownership group. they deserve a basketball team. just not ours. >> reporter: whatever the nba decides, there is a good chance the outcome won't be final until there is a ruling in a nonbasketball court. >> thanks, casey. a quick cheque of the weather for you.
warmer temperatures in the east. people in sioux city iowa will really appreciate get it was 106 degrees yesterday. we'll be right back. degrees yesterday. [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's
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. >> yet another reason to listen to your mother when she tells you not to touch the animals, listen to her. it seems that advice was lost on a field guide in africa. jeanne moos has more when one man talked to an elephant. >> reporter: africa, a continent where a cheetah can jump up and join you, on safari, a place where a bike racer can get run over by an antelope. >> holy cow! >>. >> reporter: despite a concussion, laugh about human road kill. south africa's krueger national park is not where you expect to see a man charge an elephant. not just any man, an offduty field guy egged on by his mates.
>> run at him. run, run, run at him. ha, ha, ha ha ha. >> reporter: and this man bites dog story the man seemed to have won until the video was posted and backlashed from elephant lovers began. most commenters seemed to side with the elephant. i mean really side with it. what a pity the elephant didn't flatten him and his stupid whooping friend was fairly typical. didn't see the harp, what itself the big deal? it's not like the elephant is going to go home and cry t. guy may have survived the elephant encounter. his job didn't. his employer, a well known group of luxury hotels and camps focusing on wildlife conservation fired him. then brian masters manned up and accepted responsibility on his facebook page. i am so sorry this happened and
i wish i could undo the stupidity of the act but i can't. he wrote of years spent as a guide getting people passionate about conserving these wild areas, undone in 45 seconds of folley. -- folly. coming forward with his seemingly heart felt apology, the guy addressed the elephant in the room. in this case the elephant in the bush. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> oh, dude, no. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. cnn "newsroom" after a break. kate and i have been married for 15 years. that's 3 moves, 5 jobs, 2 newborns. it's no wonder i'm getting gray.
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mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. [ music playing ] hello, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield reporting live in phoenix. it is a huge day in the legal arena in america. here in phoenix, jodi arias' life is on the line. today a medical examiner is set to testify to the pain and the suffering that man endured. he is the victim, travis alexander. also in las vegas, o.j. simpson talking. he's expected to take the stand. he's trying to get a new trial, but to get one, he's going to have to trash his former lawyer. and in washito